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Isaac Vega Voiceover

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About Isaac Vega

Isaac Vega is a narrator, actor, director, musician, father, and worship leader. He has directed and starred in musical theatre productions for decades, is experienced with numerous dialects and accents, and is proficient with a wide range of characters. In fact, the running joke at his theatre company is “get Isaac to do a one man show” as he is often the one called in to sub whenever someone is out.  

He has worked with children and teens to help them develop in their craft of acting, especially important to him because he was once that young kid who enjoyed reading YA or middle-grade fiction titles and loved seeing his imagination come to life on the stage. 

 As a young man, Isaac crisscrossed much of the southwest with his family, and from those travels, across Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, and New Mexico, he developed a love for accents while cultivating a non-regional diction in his own speech.

Isaac’s voice has been described as grounded, sincere, and youthful. Favorite genres include non-fiction self-help, biography, history, humor, and spiritual texts, and fiction, like, sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction.  After being married for nearly 20 years, he lost his wife Brandi to a glioblastoma brain tumor in Feb. 2022.  When she was diagnosed in 2020, he found himself having to recount it often.  Sharing her story and updates with family and friends became a regular occurrence and in those times. That experience inspires Isaac to narrate stories about couples facing adversity together, around medical uncertainty, or uncertainty in general.  

Isaac spent nearly 23 years building aircraft radar for an international defense contractor but has left the corporate world for more creative pursuits.  When he is not working with his voice, he’s spending time with his son, stage acting, playing guitar, directing music videos, traveling, running, being outdoors, and enjoying nature.

He’s had the pleasure of studying under Sean Pratt, Johnny Heller, Scott Brick, and Elise Arsenault, and has been working through Elise Arsenault’s The Great Audiobook Adventure course.

Image by Jonathan Farber

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